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Colocation Hosting

What is Colocation?

Colocation refers to the practice of housing your servers and devices in a professional facility such as ours. By using our facilities you have the advantage of greater bandwidth, lower latency and security. With greater resilience to disaster and to malicious attack and direct access to the Quika MPLS network, colocation is ideal for those using our satellite bandwidth.

What Are Colocation Services?

Colocation services by Quika allow secure client access to private servers. Our colocation services include leasing server cabinets and cages, connecting to our infrastructure, and monitoring server status. Each cabinet and cage is securely locked and inaccessible to other colocation clients. Hardware is administered by the client without Quika’s involvement, except for manual server restarts or upon request.

Colocation services let clients take advantage of our infrastructure, while maintaining control over their servers. The benefits to colocation customers include:

  • Environmental control
  • Redundant power sources and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) backup
  • Large capacity of multi-homed quality bandwidth
  • Around-the-clock security

Using colocation services is an effective way to obtain business continuity, scalability and minimal network latency at a fraction of the cost it takes to accomplish the same things in a private facility.

Quika provides a variety of packages to keep you connected with fibre and WiFi services, Connect Quicker with Quika.
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