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Electronic Security

Talia delivers a variety of electronic access control systems that allow companies to determine who is able to go where. A digital audit trail shows details of each  who accessed your facility. By combining both software and hardware, your system can be controlled, queried, or programmed from anywhere on your network or remotely from headquarters.

Our access control systems provide more than just door control. They give you a complete picture of each employees activity by days, weeks, and the times they passed through any access of your controlled facility. Your records will show whether they passed through during your regular working hours or off hours. Our access systems are based on time tested, user friendly software and allow for monitoring and control in remote sites throughout your existing network.

A typical system has four basic components:

  • Software or web interface
  • Door control modules
  • Locking devices, door position sensors
  • Cards and card readers

We offer a variety of electronic access control solutions, from securing a few doors to full enterprise system, managing a single facility or multiple facilities locally, nationally or internationally.

Video Monitoring and Surveillance

Talia provides end-to-end IP access solutions, that support video monitoring and surveillance applications, anywhere in the world, including the most remote locations and harshest environments. This solution has been designed to be centrally controlled, be 100% secure, reliable and available on short notice.

Talia’s remote broadband network solution provides:

  • High bandwidth, reliability, and security
  • Efficient allocation of network bandwidth
  • On-demand video streaming
  • Central network management
  • Solutions support star, mesh or hybrid configurations
  • Real Time Traffic Management features
Quika provides a variety of packages to keep you connected with fibre and WiFi services, Connect Quicker with Quika.
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