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As access to instant information becomes ever more mission-critical, Quika provides connectivity wherever you are; however you need it.

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Ku Band
Arabsat 5A 
C Band
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Dedicated Service

Quika supports a wide variety of dedicated bandwidth solutions, and, since our networks are available in a variety of service levels and configurations, you can get exactly the bandwidth you need in the most cost effective manner.

Flexishare Service

With competitive market pricing and the most comprehensive capacity combinations, our Ku or C band Flexishare service provides exceptional satellite internet connectivity for today’s demanding businesses.

Flexishare provides cost savings by matching bandwidth to application requirements in both the forward and return links giving you complete flexibility. Our team regularly reviews your service connection and usage to ensure you continue to receive the most appropriate package.

All Flexishare services are fully supported, allowing you to check your connection status anywhere. Our 24x7x365 Network Operations Centre (NOC) monitors active services for your peace of mind.

Quika's internet backbone is powered by Tier 1 suppliers on diversely routed fibre circuits to provide the most resilient network. In addition, Quika can provide Static IP blocks as required by your application.

A choice of satellite bands

Ka Band

Quika Ka-band services provide higher bandwidths using smaller antennas than traditional C and Ku bands. Can utilise antennas as small as 74cm in diameter.

Ku Band

Quika provides a variety of Ku-band services including the standard VSAT mobility services either on land, as Comms on the Move or Comms on the Pause. Talia can provide services using flat array antennas or self-deploying terminals.

C Band

Quika provides very high-reliability C-band services. These services are cost-effective, highly impervious to rain and are the go-to services for Enterprise and Governmental requirements. Antenna sizes start at 1.8M

MPLS Network

At Quika our Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network mean a greater control of traffic prioritisation across satellite and terrestrial infrastructure.

Quika's Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is ideal for companies with multiple sites and remote workers across the world, whether in cities or more isolated rural locations. As an ultra-secure network, it allows you to safely connect people in different locations to work together seamlessly and efficiently, improving productivity and communication.

With MPLS, customers can tie all their locations together, creating one carrier-neutral network, eliminating carrier hardware and removing the need for firewalls at each site, reducing cost and simplifying the network.
Quika provides a variety of packages to keep you connected with fibre and WiFi services, Connect Quicker with Quika.
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